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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

LePak'ing wiTh my frenz.. FL and S

AHAD : 11 MAC 2012

hey peeps..!
sorry dh lme tak update my blog.. <3
ok now aku nk post picture time aku lepak ngn kwn aku..
thnx to shina and  fateen sbb spend time mse dgn aku..
well.. kitorg sbnrnye nk cri tempat for photoshoot..but semua tempat kt taman kitorg ni hampeh.. bru lps hujan kan biase la..
dekat 5 taman permainan kitorg pegi.. and lastly kitorg dpt jugak taman yg boleh la jgk berphotoshoot.. here we go..this picture:

this is a Fateen =)
same old..she really cute right..??
if u wan friend with her just click her account fb :fateen leeque

u know her..?? haha it's me ..!please do not misunderstand
that lighter my friend used for cut off his rope sandals that stir..haha 

ok this is a shina.. comey right haha.. she liked photography..she want continue study in the field of photography.. hope u luck.. 

ok that's it..!! i want to continue edit picture.. ok thnx for visit my blog.. bye guys,bye chicks.!! 
check it out.. love all <3

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