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Friday, 27 May 2011

justin bieber

We all have heard of Justin Bieber’s cooperation with a company that markets DriveSafe, an app that blocks phone calls and prevent drivers from texting when they are driving. Each day, there are reports of injuries and even deaths that are caused by drivers who are texting when they are driving their vehicles, and this app may help to at least reduce them. Justin Bieber also agreed to be the spokesman for the software, and scheduled to launch it on June 6.

Everything sounds great because the app may safe many people from accidents. However, it turns out that the company is in financial trouble. Justin Bieber is also dragged into the problem because according to the deal that he had signed, he owns 16.4% of the company. According to a report, the company suffered nearly $10 million net loss last year. And the worst part is that the company’s revenue had also declined to half. Options Media Group only had $97,000 in available cash in May. The company is currently trying to get a loan to keep the business running.

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